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Glad you took advantage of our last offer. Otherwise you would've had to pay FULL PRICE when that timer went out! :/ Take a look at your Exclusive Benefits, finish your order, and see you in my #EmbraceTheRebelMasterclass Course Portal! After you've submitted your order you'll receive an email with a link to the Course Portal where you'll be able to watch all the available courses as well as replay them as much as you'd like! See you there!
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  • 23 Online Video Masterclass Sessions- (+20 Hrs Total Content)
  •  Course Curriculum:
  •  Session 1: How To Find The REAL You (1.5 hrs)
  •  Session 2: Discover The L.I.E.S, Creating a New Story (1.7 hrs)
  •  Session 3: Relationship Management, I.O.P.C's (1.7 hrs)
  •  Session 4: Fear Management, F.D.I (Fear Direction Indicator) (1.7 hrs)
  •  Session 5: Failing Forward (1.7 hrs)
  •  Session 6: Finding Your Why, Finding Your What, Finding Your How (2 hrs)
  •  Session 7: "Un-limit" Yourself (1.5 hrs)
  •  Session 8: Eliminating Distractions (1.7 hrs)
  •  Session 9: How To Dream Again, Dreaming Bigger (1.7 hrs)
  •  Session 10: Rebel Strategy, The 5 Rebel Laws (1.7 hrs)
  •  Session 11: Mental Visualization Training, Futuristic Vision (1.7 hrs)
  •  Session 12: How To Be Present, Self-Monitoring (1.7 hrs)
  •  Session 13: Purposeful Action, Why Faith Matters (1.7 hrs)
  •   Free Copy of Embrace The Rebel - The Book
  •   Free ETR Urban Apparel T-Shirt or Hoodie
  •   Access to My Rebel Mastermind FB Group
  •   1 on 1 Weekly Mentorship Opportunity
  •   100% 30 Day No Hassle- Money Back Guarantee
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